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I Love Being a Soldier's Wife

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:19pm


There's a saying among military personnel and their civilian counterparts: military wives have the toughest job.

Size1-armymil-2008-11-04-1225816857 Yes, our husbands do what many can not: they serve our country in times of war and peace. They're at the beck and call of the Commander and Chief, and, if they are National Guard,the governor of the state they serve in. Our husbands, and for some of you, your sons, could die in combat, paying the ultimate sacrifice so we don't have to. It's hard work.

But we wives have it harder. And never being one to back down from a challenge, I found this more difficult than anything I've faced before. And yet, I love being the wife of a military man. Let me count the ways.

Perks ... they're great, but I didn't marry into this for the perks; trying to keep pride in check here...I like to be recognized for being a soldier's wife. When people find out that I'm the mother of four with a husband that is deployed they always say, "Oh, honey, you've got a hard job. How do you do it?" And my answer always is: "I just do it." Being the mother of twins right off bat, you learn to just do it, cause if you don't, it doesn't get done.

Cons ... well, let's just say they can be frustrating. And many a marriage has been in jeopardy because of them. But in mine, they're just extra things to work through, get past, and move beyond; like in any marriage. Every husband and wife has different things they consider cons. If you've found yours learn how to cope and deal with them.

I knew full well the hardships I could face when I married my husband. I'm disheartened by wives who whine about their husbands being deployed and that they should be home doing this and that; makes me want to get in their faces and say: "Hey, you signed up for this too. Get over it." The military has their quirks, but I don't like to hear the put downs. Being prepared is a must in any military marriage. If you're not, then you're headed for more hardships and heartaches than you need.

Size1-armymil-26812-2008-12-12-1-1 In a way you can apply all this to your Christian life. God has given us so many perks as His children. And there are cons as well.

By Jesus' sacrifice, I am freed from sin, and was given the greatest gift of all, eternal life. Death has no chains on me. I enjoy a life of freedom in Christ, a one-on-one commune with God, and His precious Holy Spirit. It can't get any better than those.

The cons, wow, they can hurt. Jesus said in John 15:18, "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you" (KJV) . Everywhere we go these days we see more and more hate spewed at Christians. It angers us, saddens us, and all around worries us. But why should it? Jesus clearly said we would be hated. Give it up to Him, and move on. Remember, Satan has a powerful hold on the world, but he's lost the war already.

Wow, having just written this, I've realized something. There are some places in our country, the good ol' US of A, where military families are faced with persecution for having a deployed spouse. Military men and women are also persecuted for being soldiers, seaman, and airmen. I've seen it first hand how people say they support our troops, but don't support the war. This leaves a bad taste in the military's mouth, because the treatment given to returning vets during Vietnam is still very fresh on our minds. Please don't spout this platitude. If you don't support the war our men and women are fighting, then in reality you don't support the very thing they believe in. It hurts them more than a gun shot wound.

It is like saying you believe in God, but not in Jesus. Imagine the stab of pain God feels when we reject His Son.

Take away thought: Have you done something nice for a family with a deployed husband/son/father? Sometimes a hot meal, free babysitting, or a chance to let the wife/mother sit down and chat over coffee is a welcomed gift. If you don't know anyone close by, then a care package sent to a family of a deployed unit is a great relief. We appreciate them as much as our men do.


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