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I like the sound of the rooster ...

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:33pm

I like the sound of the rooster crowing. I use to think that the crowing meant that it was morning. Every day I see roosters walking through my back yard on their way to their next destination. What I realize is that the crowing can be at 3 in the morning or at 3 in the evening. The rooster crows when he is ready to crow. And they have that walk…that strut. And they are colorful.

And in the morning I hear the birds singing their song. Some mornings they are lively and others you don’t even hear them. Right now I hear one chirping away. And then their is that dog with his occasional bark. Now I can hear all three. And those are the only sounds I am hearing. When it is quiet you can hear a lot. And when it is quiet you notice there is a lot going on that you usually don’t notice. Perhaps you notice that the silence has its own sound. Its own feel.

What’s clear to me is that many of us are afraid of the dark. It has its own emotional timbre. We associate alot with the darkness. We have many of these emotions since childhood. But sometimes we feel like the silence is like the dark. Hopefully you can look forward to the silence. No media, no phone, just you and your mind. It’s a great oportunity to assess what’s really going
on in your life. It takes practice. But it also is a gateway to greater personal freedom.



JOURNEY ON is a blog dedicated to personal and professional development. Mark Susnow, an executive and life coach inspires others to experience more fulfillment and success in their life. A former trial attorney for 30 years and musician, he integrates what it takes to be successful in the world with the inner wisdom unfolded to him through years of yoga and meditation. His articles reflect this journey in an inspirational and motivational way.

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