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I Hear Your Voice!

Posted Apr 04 2010 9:30pm

Letters From the King

Dear Child,

Do you ever wonder how I could possibly hear your voice? In the midst of all the sound in the world, and with all the loud attention-grabbing trouble that's around, how is it plausible? Do you wonder if it really matters at all if you talk to me? Can I really see you when you cry to sleep and do I know the burdens in your heart?

You turn on the news and hear about a child that has been missing. It seems a new accident or natural disaster is constantly being reported. And you see another story about the countries fighting wars. Apparently most leaders can't stop bickering and the people they govern go ignored. So, it is no wonder that you doubt that I can really hear your voice through the noise, cries and needs in the world.

I am not like another. I am the one and only true God. My abilities are limitless and quite higher than a human. Be assured deep within your soul - I Hear Your Voice! As the sheep knows the voice of the shepherd, I clearly hear your whisper. I know the voice of my child, as a mother interrupts the needs based on the tone of the infants whimper. I read the quiet of your heart beneath your words. Not one utter misses my notice, for you have My constant, doting attention. I eagerly await for you to direct your thoughts to Me.

To you, this is simply an impossibility, but never forget, I am God! I can do all things. Nothing is impossible for Me. And to hear your voice, this is one of the greatest things I do because I adore you and I so want a loving relationship with you. So believe Me, when I tell you that I am waiting, and I want to hear from you all through out your day.

Letter From the King, Lindy Abbott

Lindy Abbott 2010

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