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I can fly!

Posted Jun 07 2010 3:44am
Well, my workshop weekend that I was counting down to is.. over, done.. blinked, gone! I say that, but during it there was so much information, laughter, good food it seemed it could go on forever!
The weekend started officially at 7:30 friday night. Kathryn walked in and is truly a little version of tinkerbell. She is stunning in person. Petite, yet powerful.. long flowly blonde hair all twisted up on the top of her head.. Loves to laugh and have a good time.. just grateful to be there. Even though she deals with celebrities and is fast becoming a top yogini, she immediately makes you feel like one of her best girl friends. There were 33 of us in this tiny room so I figured we were just going to talk for a bit, figure out where everyone was at and do a light workout before hitting the hay. I was wrong. This little dynamo got the room sweating within the first 15 min. For 2 hours that night we were down doggin, sun salutin, flipping upside down (or in my case trying to). My head was spinning! That night in bed I was thinking “what have I gotten myself into?? I can’t do this. Tomorrow there are 5 HOURS of this.. I am gonna be sitting there twiddling my thumbs!!!” Then slowly I drifted off to the land of nod....
The next morning up at 5 (oh yeah), breakfast and class started promptly at 8:30. By 10 I had done my dreamt of handstand! Then one of the poses I despised the most forearm balance became my new favorite! It was truly amazing. This pose that I always hated and felt completely uncomfortable in, bam,, happened easily and I have no idea how. The best part is how excited Kathryn would get by each person’s victory.. as if she has never experienced herself. Her enthusiasm is genuine and contagious.
We broke for lunch at 11:30, back in class for another 2 hours that afternoon. By 4p.m. I was wiped out. (5 hours of the most intense yoga in a super hot room will do that to you.) There was a concert that night in the main room and literally it was all I could do to stay thru the first song. Slept like a ROCK that night.
Sunday came all to soon. Our last session was from 9-11. She told us the day before to know it was going to be less taxing, just core work...all I have to say about that..? HOLY! My stomach is sore just sitting here! She had us doing all these crazy things like down dog on the wood floor with a small blanket under our feet so we had to pull up (sliding) on the blanket to get in and out of plank. OUCH!
I feel so much stronger on many levels. Not just the physical. Kathryn is a true yogini in every sense of the word. She would always impart little bits of wisdom to keep you encouraged and focused. Some of the tidbits..”Remember where I am today is not where I will be in 6 months if I continue to work it” or when feeling really frustrated to stop and realize how special it is that I even get to GO to a workshop like that and even try to accomplish these feats. At the end of each session she would remind us to acknowledge our self and our ability especially all that hasn’t even come out yet!
Basically the number one thing I take away from “flight of the yogi” is to be light and find laughter in all situations. A true yogi (on and off the mat) is one who makes mistakes, and keeps trying. Day after day, month after month..they see where they want to go and then move towards it while appreciating the journey to get there.
I will DEFINITELY be taking a workshop of hers again the next time she comes east. I highly recommend trying out her classes on

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