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I’m baaack...

Posted Jun 24 2010 8:08am
So for the chosen few who missed me... I am back! I went to kripalu and had SUCH an amazing time. Then had got hit with a hard dose of reality. The past 2 weeks have been nothing but a roller coaster for me mentally and emotionally. Stuff being brought up that I needed to deal with and burn out of my system. It’s been uncomfortable to say the least, but today I feel like I have made it thru this round. I feel like my old self again.
One thing I realized is that I do have readers! A few people asked me what had happened. Part of my disappearing was trying to figure out if this was worth my time. The comments are low so I feel like I am writing to the air. So to have a few of you reach out and ask was really heartwarming. So then I had to decide to keep this up and be happy with what I am getting or just let it go? I came to the conclusion that I really do like blogging, but not to the level I was trying to maintain. I will be backing off a tad and just writing 2-3 times a week. I was putting to much pressure on self to post daily.
Another thing I have realized.. when things are on the “dark side” stop wasting precious time trying to “fix what is wrong” How about start living from all that is right with in you?? That was an a-ha moment for sure! What we focus on we create, so when we try to fix the flaw, we really create more of it..
I must run so for now I leave you with thisIts what you project onto the reflection in the mirror that determines how you evaluate what you see...interesting...

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