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Hypnosis is the epitome of self-control

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:02pm

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can be used for a variety of mental and physical health issues. According to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. I know that a lot of people fear hypnosis and believe that they must give up control to be hypnotized. This is actually opposite of the truth! Hypnosis is the epitome of self-control. In fact, all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. Even if you work with a hypnotherapist (I suggest someone who is trained by ASCH and is a liscensed health professional), you are in control and you decide how deep you want to go.

There is a continuum of hypnotic states. On one end are light hypnotic states. Nearly everyone has experienced a light state of hypnosis. Daydreaming and road trance are examples. Road trance is when you have been driving for a while and suddenly realize that you haven't been aware of driving and you have passed your exit. On the other end of the continuum are very deep hypnotic states - like those required for hypnoanesthesia (surgery with hypnosis as the sole anesthetic). Most therapeutic hypnosis requires a hypnotic state somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you tap into your inner resources to achieve a desired goal. It has been used successfully in medicine to help treat gastrointestinal disorders, chronic and acute pain, burns, nausea, allergies, high blood pressure, asthma, and bleeding disorders. It is also used pre-op and post-op for many surgeries. Hypnosis is also used frequently to improve sports performance, public speaking, and school performance.  This technique also lends well to spiritual development because it helps you access your essential spirit (your core self, divine spark, etc).

Hypnosis is one of my favorite tools in my work with clients.  It is one of the best ways to tap into your full potential and enhance your body, mind, and spirit.  I'd love to hear about your experiences with hypnosis and/or any question you have.

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