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Human service

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:23pm

My buddy Kareem Mayan is starting a new site, dedicated to stories of great, kind and human customer service.

Kareem is now looking for stories about “a customer experience where the customer-facing employee acts like a real, live human being, and isn’t restricted by dehumanizing company rules and regulations.”

As an example he citesthis fantastic story from online shoe-seller In it, the store not only lets a customer return shoes bought for his mother after the official return date has passed (his mother passed away), they also send him flowers!

One of my favorite such stories is told by Catherine DeVrye in her book Hot Lemon and Honey. She once arrived at a hotel early in the evening, to give a corporate presentation the next day. As she checks in, the receptionist asks if she wants any in-room dining or a dinner reservation, but Catherine explains that she’s feeling a little ill with a sore throat and that she just wants to relax in her room.

A few minutes after she gets to her room, there’s a knock on the door. When she opens it, there’s a hotel employee with a cup of hot lemon and honey for her sore throat. This wasn’t something she’d ordered or even something the hotel normally served - it was just a gesture of concern and kindness for a fellow human being.

I think it’ll be a fantastic web site, and one that is sorely missing on the net today. I suggested that what Kareem’s really creating is the, where outrageous stories of horrendous customer service abound :o)

Of course, my interest in this project is that people who are happy at work are much more likely to give that kind of service. Also, being able to help your fellow man through your job is likely tomakeyou happy, so it works both ways.

So let’s give Kareem a hand: What’s the best and kindest customer service you have ever experienced or performed for someone else? Do you have a link, video or story that fits Kareem’s quest? Please write a comment here!

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