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How to Make a Conference Call

Posted Apr 26 2012 12:22pm

Almost everyone is using conference calling to ensure that they save up on travel budgets and increase employee productivity in their office. This is because almost everyone realizes that a conference call can accomplish all that there is to accomplish when it comes to business meetings. While there are specific steps that you need to learn in order to conduct an effective conference call, these are not tough to learn.

Neither is the process that leads to making a conference call. Conference calling requires you to first find a conference calling provider. Once you have decided on the provider, you need to get all the information from them in order to place a request for a call.

You will need to know how to request for a call, the specific information that you need to know when you are placing a request, the manner in which you can invite specific participants, the details of the conference ID, the password that is generated for your specific call, and more. There are various ways you can access the audio conference schedule to see the best time to arrange a meeting.

While making a call you need to ensure that there is no ambient noise in the room. This can provide distractions in the meeting. It is also a great idea to ensure that there is a call moderator so that everyone gets a chance to speak and that the meeting does not end up being a ramble where everyone is speaking at once.

Using a call moderator and making everyone know that there is one whom helps in ensuring that the agenda of the meeting is covered in the specific time. The moderator also helps in summarizing the key aspects that were discussed and closed and the points that need to be carried forward for the next meeting.

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