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How to Get Happy(er) Fast! My Emergency Mood Rescue Toolbox Is Finally On Sale!

Posted Sep 16 2008 4:34am

Stressed? Depressed? Don’t put up with it. You CAN make yourself feel better fast.

How? Just get a copy of my emotional emergency rescue toolbox and start using it, and before you know it, you’ll feel MUCH better.

And all that for the price of, oh, 10 minutes of therapy perhaps. Maybe 15. Or a few pills of Taxol. Or a movie and popcorn for one.

And what do you get? A toolbox that lets you take charge of your emotions for years to come.

Not bad, is it?

Just click on this cute little teddybear and check it out:

Okay, as you can see, the sales page is there and functional, though not the flashiest one on the web. I’ll work on upgrading it some more. But I’m just so thrilled anyway that I’ve got it going.

And I’ve even set up the shopping cart system, and the automatic delivery of the ebook. And it’s working!!!

You’d have to know what a technophobe I was less then 2 years ago to really appreciate this.

Anyway. Give it a try. You can check it out right here:

Elisabeth’s Emergency Mood Rescue Kit

Take a look. Click on the the teddy bear above. Read the book. Feel better…

And if you like it, please let me know. Especially if I can use it as a testimonial ;-)

Now I’m off to make myself another mug of spiced hot chocolate. Yummm.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful evening.


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