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How can I explain my "feelings" to my retired military husband?

Posted by Barbsplace

 My husband is more a "thing" person than a "people" person I believe. He doesn't believe in wasting time on unproductive activities. I think he sees my lifestyle as not purpose driven. But I enjoy what I do and want acceptance from him. I read a lot, mainly non-fiction books, and I am active on the net. But I seem to get on his nerves.



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As a retried military man myself, I recommend you two find something you both like to do together.  My wife also spends a lot of time with the internet and her books.... and I would like her to spend more time with me but she does not make the time or have the energy.  Luckly,  We do have our long walks together, have a nice meal out, and we like to plan and get ready for parties.   I would like for her to be more active and do yoga with me and go on boy scout outings with our son and I but I can only take what I can get.  So I say if you want to keep him, do something with him, find common ground and get up and get going. 

You have a choice   be grateful for what you have or be bitter for what you don't.

choose to lighten your life today.

 Keep Smiling, 

you must trust your hunsband,Trust is the most important
what kind of feelings u want to explain to ur husband
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