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Homeschool in the Woods New Testament Activity Pak/Lapbook Review

Posted Jun 11 2009 10:43pm

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Have you heard of lapbooks yet?  They are a fun, hands-on way to learn while you finish off a project!  Lapbooks are made with simple file folders (you can use pretty colored folders if you want to!) and projects that are small enough to display.  The little projects your child makes are glued on the file folders to make a "lapbook"--something he/she can show to friends and read to younger siblings!

New Testament LapbookHomeschool in the Woods sent me their New Testament Activity Pak/Lapbook to review!  What a great way for your students to get an overview of the New Testament!  In the picture, you can see the finished lap book (made from a red file folder) and several of the completed activities that go inside!

Homeschool in the Woods is the Pak family business, a homeschooling family that takes great delight in learning history and sharing their learning adventure with you!  While studying history through living books, drama, writing, and hands-on activities, Momma Amy, a free-lance designer/graphic illustrator began to illustrate the all important timelines they were using to learn history.  Soon, their business, Homeschool in the Woods, was born. 

The New Testament Activity Pak we used is one of four different Hands-On History Activity Paks.  The others are Composers, Artists of the 16th through 20th Century, and The Old Testament. The Time Travelers History Study Series is also offered by Homeschool in the Woods. These hands-on unit studies include New World Explorers, Colonial Life, The American Revolution, The Early Nineteenth Century, and The Civil War. You may be interested in the Preprinted Sets of Wall Size Timeline Figures. There are four sets and a collection that cover all of history from Creation until modern times.

But, back to the New Testament lapbook. What a great idea to teach Bible class using lap books! This activity pak covers the New Testament with creativity and flair!  Here are the subjects covered in The New Testament Activity Pak: 

  • The lineage from David to Jesus
  • Triptych of the Birth of Jesus
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • The Beatitudes Pie Book
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • The Parables of Jesus
  • The Last Supper
  • The Crucifixion
  • The Ascension
  • Pentecost
  • The Resurrection
  • Prophesies Fulfilled
  • The Twelve Disciples
  • Paul's Missionary Journeys
  • Postcards from Paul
  • "The New Testament News"
  • The Armor of God

HSitW-logo Our favorite was the Fruit of the Spirit and the Armor of God lessons. My children loved cutting out the fruit and placing them inside the basket, labeled Fruit of the Spirit. The best part of the Armor of God lesson was putting my child's picture in the poster and "dressing" him in God's armor.  What a great picture for my children to remember that they are clothed in God's protection at all times. My children also like glueing the Scripture verses onto the loaves and fishes and sending postcards from Paul while he was traveling on his missionary journeys.

The Twelve Disciples lesson introduces the twelve men who traveled with Jesus, shared the Good News, and led the church after Christ's resurrection and ascension. The pictures of the disciples are beautiful images. In fact, the images in everything are simply amazing! What great artwork fills these lapbooks! I like the lessons chosen for this New Testament overview. There is a good variety while covering the important aspects of the New Testament. Every activity is creative and fun to make.

This lapbook would be great for family Bible time or devotions, but would also be effective for Sunday School. What is missing is a Bible story with application to go along with it. So, when you use this lapbook, make sure to read from the Bible and discuss the application to your children's lives.

"Be sure to fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. Consider what great things He has done for you!"   (I Samuel 12:24 NIV)

Whatever method you choose to use to teach Scripture to your children, be faithful and consistent. Imparting truth form God's Word is the single most important thing you will do in your homeschooling. Do not fall into the devil's trap and neglect this all important task. Many of us began homeschooling because we felt that the Lord had called us to educate our children at home. Why does the Lord want us to teach our children ourselves, rather than delegate this task to the public school system. One reason, I believe, is that God wants to raise a generation that fears the Lord. What a difference in the world such a generation would make. It is our task to bring God's Word alive for our children so that they will remember and obey it, even to the time they are old and gray.

So, keep on with the task of teaching the Word of God to your little lambs. Remember they are really His little lambs. Whatever method you use, let His Word be a delight to your and your family. Blessings!


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