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Healthy at Work

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm

How do you feel when you get to work in the morning? What’s your energy like by the end of the day? Whether work feels manageable or overwhelming, your co-workers supportive or draining – taking care of yourself is the key to thriving.

Nothing beats the basics when it comes to your health. Eating healthy food, drinking water, moving your body, and taking deep breaths is the foundation for being effective and clear throughout the day. It’s not about managing stress. It’s about transforming stress into an opportunity for better results - at work and in life – through how you take care of yourself.

A few tips to build your foundation of health:

Healthy_food_wideweb__470x306,0Well – Whole foods and protein sustain your energy and give you the clarity you need to function. Foods high in starch or sugar (think vending machine) send your blood sugar/energy on a roller coaster. Have healthy snacks on hand – nuts, dried fruit, hardboiled egg, hummus.

Slowly –It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full. When you eat fast, you tend to eat more. Slowing down your meals supports your digestion, helps you better absorb nutrients, calms your nervous system, and can help you stay slim!

Drink Water
Glass of water Stressful situations create toxic revenue in your body. One of the most powerful ways to flush out these toxins is with water. Signs of hunger, headache, and lack of focus can all be traced back to needing water. Drink a tall 8oz glass every two hours, preferably in a reusable bottle – healthy for you, healthy for the planet.

Move Your Body

23465549 Wiggle your fingers, bend your head from side to side, put your arms up in the air, and roll your shoulders back. Too embarrassed to do this at work? Excuse yourself to the restroom and let loose. The more creative you get, the more likely you are to shift your perspective in areas you feel stuck. When you stretch your body, you stretch your mind.

Deep-breath Aren’t there times when you just want to let out a big sigh? It will help, especially if you exaggerate it. Leave your work space – go to your car, around the block, or back to the restroom – and release that big sigh that’s sitting in there anyway. In a meeting and can’t leave to sigh? Imagine it, the only thing your coworkers will notice is that your demeanor has changed.

How do you take care of yourself at work? Share your tips here.

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