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Happy Thanksgiving & a book to read: The Lost Wife

Posted Nov 22 2012 9:30am
First of all, Happy Thanksgiving. 
I hope you are all having a day of relaxation (or moments) with friends and/or family.
I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving for years so it isn’t that big of a deal that I am in Chicago and they are in Minneapolis. I would love to join them again some year, but it is a little expensive to fly home twice in a month and I have a rather unstable job schedule. So I’m sticking around here.
This is the first year in three years I won’t be alone!!! Exciting! The wonderful Kelsey  agreed to let me hangout at her Thanksgiving celebration. I am SO excited!!! So excited!!! I did hear a rumor (via stalking her on Facebook) that there will be turkey!!! OH MY GOD REAL TURKEY?!?! It’s been years! And she is an awesome, fabulous cook! Enough gushing. I am Charlie Brown and Kelsey is Snoopy. Obvi. I think that would make PartyDog Woodstock. 
I have SO much to be thankful for. Seriously, it is totally overwhelming to try to list everything and everyone I am thankful for. At the top are my family and friends, especially those who have made me fall in love with Chicago so quickly.

Me and the sis on the road trip from Seattle to Chicago. This was the 20th time we heard Call Me Maybe in one day. I was happy. She was not amused.

The ‘rents. We are sure attractive.

I am thankful for my health and my family’s health. I am thankful for the food I eat, the clothes I buy, and the L train I ride. I am thankful that my apartment has hot water (it didn’t for a while… that is another story), I am thankful for peanut butter and squash and bananas. I am thankful that I run a long the Lake Front in Chicago. I am thankful for everything. 

Thanksgiving Day run along the Lake Front

I am thankful for good books, especially those that make me realize how much I have to be thankful for.
I recently read The Lost Wife  by Alyson Richman

Here is a description from her website :

“Josef Kohn is a successful New York obstetrician who still dreams of his first wife, Lenka, an art student he left behind in Czechoslovakia while fleeing the Nazis.

Lenka, who he believes died during the war, continues to haunt his dreams, while his second wife, Amalia, remains more of a ghost to him than is Lenka. As we follow Lenka’s journey to the ghetto of Terezin, where she is forced to draft technical drawings for the Germans and is a witness to the secret paintings of an underground group of artists involved in their own form of resistance against their captors, we see not only the endurance of the human spirit, but also of the artist, whose desire to create and document, cannot be extinguished.

From the glamourous ease of pre-War Prague, to the ensuing horror of Nazi Europe, we experience both the dawning of Lenka’s and Josef’s love affair to its tragic unraveling. Each character must forge their own path for survival and each must struggle to adapt to post-war America, while their secrets, their past, and the ghost of their first marriage, are known only to them.

The Lost Wife is a story that explores the depth — the power — of first love the resilience of the human spirit, and our capacity to remember.”

See why this book made me realize how thankful I should be every single day?!?!? First of all, I am not in Nazi Germany. Second, I have never been hungry… really hungry. Third, I have my education. Okay this list is certainly endless!!!! It is a wonderful book. The author goes back and forth between telling Josef and Lenka’s stories.  Books that are made up of two stories keep me entertained and want to keep reading. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I love history. 

I recommend picking up a copy of this books. 

What are you thankful for? What should I read next? Have you read The Lost Wife?


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