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Happy New Year, Dearest Reader!Y ...

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:21am

Happy New Year, Dearest Reader!

You probably have no idea how much I appreciate you.

This blog has been an exciting journey since I started it just a few months ago, and it promises to get more exciting yet.
I thank you for being part of it. For reading my sometimes quirky and definitely quite meandering musings, resources, and recommendations, and for signing up for my newsletter.

I appreciate you for coming along for the ride as I ricochet back and forth between the Abraham, the Law of Attraction, and stress management, between resources for learning how to set up own websites and blogs and even for developing your own product (all in the service of prosperity of course) and a handy quick recipe for impressive chocolate-covered miniature cream puffs (yum!).

The danger with the latter is that now that I know how to make them, I’m constantly tempted to whip up another batch, even when there’s no party in sight that might require their presence. Hmmm. I could make some for my students ;-)

You probably know that on the internet, “niche” is king, and, well, this blog is anything but niche. It’s a veritable anti-niche blog, but then, I’m very much an anti-niche person.

When I first came to the United States to go to graduate school, I was absolutely amazed at the range of opportunities in this land of the free. I loved it! This is why I’m still here. This was a land where I did not have to choose either/or but where it was possible to do both/AND, plus then some more. I’ve always enjoyed doing several different things, and so I figurfe why stop now.

So I thank you for reading this and for being part of my blog. Do let me know if there’s something you particularly enjoy, or something you’d like to read (more) about. You can always send me an email at “”

If you’re getting my emails, you can also just hit “reply” and I will get your message.

Meanwhile, I wish you (and all of us) much happiness, excellent health, and fabulous success.


P.S.: And here’s a great big thank you to Erik Stafford, the Faster Webmaster, for teaching me how to build my very first website, without which none of this would have been possible:

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