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Hanging in there

Posted Sep 12 2008 10:23am 1 Comment

Just got back from a week's climbing in Switzerland in the Grimsel Pass. Hence the lack of recent posts. Fantastic scenery and I didn't even take my laptop with me! We were back again to climb delectable hard granite slabs high above the dam, in the upper reaches of the pass. Or so we thought....

Great weather and climbing Sunday and then it rained. And rained. And rained. And snowed, just for good measure, oh and we had some thunder thrown in. It did this for four days. We amused ourselves going to the Aareschlucht Gorge, the Reichenbach Falls and a very wet walk up towards the Gaulihutte. We were just hanging in there waiting for the weather to change. We knew that the forecast was good for later in the week so we just passed the time until then. No point in getting frustrated or upset - at least we were looking at the rain in a beautiful location with no emails to answer. Just finding the best out of each day.

Then we climbed on great slabs for three days - here is a picture of what it was like

Dome_5a_pitch_grimsel We recognised that we may not have been prepared to hang about without the good forecast. What is the forecast like in your life? Are you hanging in there with the prospect of a change for the good? Or are you just hanging on with grim determination in the vain hope that something will change. We need to recognise when the forecast might be good and when its a mistake to just forge ahead blindly. Sometimes your gut feeling will help you out with this. Listen to your inner voices, ask others what they think, because we all have a view on the weather and each others lives.

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