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H1N1 Swine Flu Symptoms & Treatment (Self Help Blog Style) and How To Prevent Swine Flu

Posted Oct 02 2009 10:00pm

H1N1 swine flu! What a buzz word, and what a drag! I got it about a week and a half after having just gotten a flu shot to prevent the “regular” flu.

And it’s no fun! It started very suddenly and within a matter of a couple of hours moved from a scratchy cold and chills to a full blown very sore throat.

Then my nose started dripping like mad and I stocked up on the mentholated Kleenex (Puffs, actually) which also have lotion on them.

Good thing I did because I went through FOUR packs in a few days, two of them in ONE day, when it was worst.

And then there was the cough. Ouch! Unusually painful cough. And a total loss of appetite, headaches, fever, etc.

I threw everything at it that I had, and now I’m not sure if it’s because of that or because it simply runs its course more quickly than the regular flu, but the worst was over much sooner than “normal” though I’m still coughing, and not feeling up to speed.

I’m not the person to say anything much about preventing it, but then again, preventing the swine flu is harder than you would like since it’s highly contagious before you even know you have it.

So you cannot know which one of all those people around you might give it to you. But its a moot point anyway.

Anyway, in my next post, I’ll share some of the things that have helped me feel (and get) better comparatively quickly.

Hope you don’t get it. It’s no fun!

For starters, stay away from people who cough.


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