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Growing Pains and Gains

Posted Mar 19 2009 2:17am
You might want a better relationship. But what if it costs telling your partner the truth rather than concealing your shame, putting down your swords, admitting your faults, recognizing your selfishness, or forgiving when you may want to “get even”?

You might want to grow your business, or branch out and pursue your dream career. But what if it costs you all of your savings, most of your spare time, humbling yourself to sit in a class full of 18 year-olds or asking others to help you?

You might want a deeper spiritual life. But what if it costs you to challenge your faith, or admit that you don’t have any faith at all. Studying in your spare time and searching to no end to find answers that will justify your heart?


To grow, you must give…give-in. Throw it all out the window and risk everything. Realize that what you’ll loose will make room for what is to come.


How will you know it’s time to grow?

Things won’t feel right. You’ll be anxious. Frustrated. Scared. Confused. Unfulfilled. Exhausted and craving something that money can’t buy you. GREAT!! Your growth is on course! The return – Growing Gains like you never imagined!!


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