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Good Night's Rest

Posted May 30 2011 12:30pm
Let me tell you the two things I need for a good night's rest.

For starters, there's the king size bed.  We managed to "score" a king size bed near Christmas and boy, has it changed our lives!  Even just a few months later, when I lay in bed and gaze over at Jason (10 miles away), I can hardly remember how we ever slept on a queen size bed for 6 years!  And now, with nursing and everything, I know it would have been tight quarters to try that on the smaller bed.

The next thing is a baby sleeping through the night!  It really was the most bizarre transition.  One night, we're up three times after he goes to sleep.  The next night, bam, he doesn't wake up until 5:00.  Jason and I kind of looked at each other funny- "Uh, did we miss something?  Did you get up with him?" "No, I didn't." "Oh, I guess he slept through the night."  And just like that, our lives changed!

He still isn't very accurate with a wake up time, but we're trying to figure it out.  Yesterday he woke up at 6:30, today it was 7:15.  On the days I work, it's usually right before my alarm is to go off- he's my mini alarm clock.

Either way, I'm not complaining one bit!
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