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Good news! Good Peanut Crop!

Posted Dec 11 2012 8:55am
The other week I came across some good news I’d like to share. 
The farmers in the South had a good year for peanuts. Particularly the peanuts that go into my all time favorite food EVER… peanut butter!!! I eat several tablespoons of peanut butter everyday. I start and end my day with peanut butter. I have for years.
Read about it here , here , and here .
The articles suggest that the exact opposite of this is happening:
Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 4.25.21 PM
For you non-Econ peeps out there, an increase in the supply of peanuts increases the quantity of peanuts. If the demand remains the same (aka people other than me don’t start hoarding peanuts) the price will fall. And as this article fr om NPR states, “There’s been some growth, especially in the Netherlands, UK, and Germany, Archer told me. But the EU is still a tiny, tiny market for U.S. peanut butter. The average European still eats less than one tablespoon of U.S. peanut butter in an entire year. That’s not nearly enough to make a dent in the glut.” Stay away from my peanut butter Europe. Although, you don’t know what you are missing!!! 
Family_Circus 7-6-10
Gotta love Family Circus! 
Tell me what good news you’ve found recently.

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