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Give yourself a little gift this holiday season!

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:37pm

If you are like most people at this time of year, you are running around trying to find the perfect gifts for your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, co-workers, etc. For many people this process is stressful and starts to feel more like a chore than a joy. In all the hustle-bustle of the holidays, you probably forget about yourself. Most people are so focused on everyone else and on making the holiday special for the people around them that they forget about themselves.

This year, make some time and effort to treat yourself to a special gift. You are important and you deserve it! Reward your hard work by buying something very special. Perhaps you would like that iPhone you have been eyeing or that beautiful ring that caught your attention. You might buy a gift card for your favorite coffee shop so that you can enjoy your gift each time you go.

Whatever you choose, be sure to wrap it up in pretty paper and put it under the tree or wherever you keep your presents until the special day. When it comes time to open presents, you will have this one special gift to look forward to. One woman that I know makes herself breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. She puts her wrapped gift and a flower on her breakfast tray. What a wonderful way to celebrate and honor yourself! Go for it and make this a big celebration!

You don't have to buy yourself a gift; you can give yourself the gift of time. Time to relax and renew. Set aside some time each day or make plans to take a weekend getaway. The important thing is to take the time to do some things that you like to do and that will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You could book time at your favorite spa or take a trip to play a few rounds at your favorite golf course. Maybe you just want to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Whatever you decide to do, make it memorable by incorporating something that feels decadent or like a special treat.

Other options include doing something that you have wanted to do, but have put off for another time. Are you interested in a hobby, but haven’t found the time to start? Perhaps you have wanted to take a photography class or a pottery class. This could be the perfect gift to give yourself this year. Giving yourself a gift is the perfect way to reward and honor yourself.

Giving yourself a gift is an act of self-love that can help you feel brighter, stronger, and more loving. I know that many people worry that giving to themselves is a selfish act and something to be avoided. It is only selfish if you chose to give only to yourself and exclude others. In the interest of a balanced life, it is important to take care of yourself in addition to all the others you care for. In fact, you can't keep going and giving to others if you don't take care of your own needs and wants.

Honoring yourself with a special treat is not only good for you, but it is good for those around you. Taking care of yourself gives you that extra boost so that you are able to be your best. Being your best self is a beautiful gift to those around you and to the world. When you are healthy and happy you spread this energy to those around you. So, do yourself and everyone else a favor this year and treat yourself to something special.

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