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Getting on the Positive Side of Change—Making the Choice

Posted Mar 06 2013 6:36pm
Perhaps you’ve heard the expression that there are no coincidences. I am amazed at the synchronicity that continues to show up in my life. It seems that it occurs on a regular basis. I expect it. When Dancing on the River: Navigating Life’s Changes was first published, I was frequently on the radio. On one show the host had difficulty in pronouncing the last syllable of my name correctly. It’s actually very simple. Finally I said, “It’s Now, as Now is the time to be happy.”

 Now is also the time to begin whatever it is you are thinking of beginning. Many of us have a reason that’s in the way of our enjoying the present moment. It goes something like this.  ”When I’m in a great relationship, I can be happy. When I’m out of the relationship, I can live again. When I have a better job, my life would be better. When I have more time, I’ll do it.”

 I’m sure this dialogue seems familiar. Making decisions is like that.  We want to know every possible outcome  before committing. We wait for the perfect scenario before moving forward.  We’re never going to have all of the information or a guarantee of how something will turn out, until we begin. Sure there might be some curveballs along the way, but we have the ability to swing at them and surprise ourselves by hitting a few out of the park. But until we swing at a few, we won’t the develop the confidence to  play the game. We learn from doing and from our mistakes.

Getting out of your comfort zone and leaving the familiar behind can be scary. But the potential for a fulfilling and exciting life is enormous.  The bigger game is not playing the game because you’re afraid of failing.

Making the choice to play the game of life is just the first step. And it’s the most important. Once you’re in, stay curious as to where it’s going to take you. You will be pleasantly surprised.



Mark Susnow, is an executive-life coach and recognized thought leader who inspires others to believe in themselves. He is passionate about life being an exciting journey of discovery. His enthusiastic and inspiring keynotes on change, leadership and connection thoroughly convey this message to his audiences. A former trial attorney for 30 years, he integrates what it takes to be successful in the world with the inner wisdom unfolded to him through years of yoga and meditation. He is the author of Dancing on the River: Navigating Life’s  Changes and Discover the Leader Within.


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