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Getting Into the P-Squared Groove

Posted Apr 07 2009 11:15pm
This past weekend I was reminded that the best way to combat those "out of sorts" feelings is to play and get really present (in the here and now present). When we can cut loose, have some fun, laugh, and get silly coupled with thinking of only what's in front of us we begin to feel better. Why? Because we are taking the time to connect with ourselves, with our hearts, and better yet, with our child-side. In doing so we...regain a connected feeling get out our heads where ego resides gain more energy see the positive potential that is surrounding us start to go with the flowcreate the means to look at life, issues, situations, etc. from a different (maybe even clearer) perspectiveand quite simply relax and have fun. So when you are feeling out of sorts, give the following a try: 1) Deep breathing - four deep breathes; inhale through your nose to a count of four and exhale out your mouth to a count of four. 2) Crank up your favorite tunes and just listen (if you feel compelled to dance, all the better). 3) Grab a funny movie. 4) Read or tell some jokes. 5) Have a light and frothy (a.k.a fun conversation) with a good friend. 6) Play a game with your kids, i.e. Monopoly, cards. 7) Go to the park and swing on the swing set. Whatever helps you get into the P-Squared Groove (Play and Present) just enjoy, let go, and be YOU!
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