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get your move on...

Posted May 02 2010 12:18pm
phew... we go from snow on Wed. To almost 90 degrees today!! VERY humid,,,for those of you that know me you know that is the thing I hate the most! Makes my hair curl!
Anyways.. despite the horrid humidity, I got my chocolate buddy and went for a strenuous 4.5 mile walk. I try to do something everyday. As I stated in a previous post, physical activity is so important to a healthy body, as well as mind. A study at Duke University Medical school showed that exercising three times a week for thirty minutes a pop was as an antidepressant to patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder!
We are not designed to be inactive. Our bodies need exercise. This is why we have become such a large nation. People are sitting in front of screens for hours at a time (computer, t.v.) in meetings, driving down the road. We were meant to work the land, walk from one place to the next, move!
Other positive side effects of exercise are increased self-esteem, improved mental functioning, a longer life span, better sleep, better sex, and a stronger immune system. To put it mildly, exercise is a “wonder drug”!
To go a step beyond, it’s good to mix up what you do for exercise. Helps the body not create muscle memory and keeps your metabolism running at a higher rate.
What do you like to do for exercise? How do you feel after doing it? Do you agree with this post on the benefits?
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