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Get Out of the Box

Posted Apr 21 2010 9:30pm

Lakeyshia's column: marriage striving for oneness

I was talking with a relative about attending an event when it took a turn for the worse. A million and one reasons of why I could not attend dominated the conversation. The reasons played like a broken record. Th_685783_phone_talking_2 The, as if struck by like bolt of lightning, my mind immediately shifted and I was reminded of how God sometimes prompts us to move from a place of comfort to the less secure. His sweet spirit in the still of that morning compelled me to step out of the box.

Transition is not always easy, however, it is required to be women of God. My marriage, which has been no bed of roses, has taught me much about transition and stepping out of my box. Thankfully we serve a God that provides the much needed grace and mercy we need to live each day anew and endure the trials that ultimately make us wiser and stronger.

There was a season in my marriage when I had become complacent and comfortable, but as I learned, God often provides instruction before times of trouble. In other words, He provides a road map for our journeys. For example, God would urge me to be quiet, but I often ignored His promptings. I complained, made excuses and asked, "Why do I have to be quiet"? That man of mine is not going to disrespect me." I acted more like the "queen of rant and rave" instead of a "daughter of the King". The more excuses I made, the less I changed. This posture only served to drive a bigger wedge between my husband and me; it dimmed the light we once saw in each other.

Crying out to God As the distance between us grew, I prayed and God began to show me that my mouth was the root cause of our problems. My sarcasm was tearing my husband down. It was destroyed our oneness as a couple. I soon realized that complaining and resisting change was tearing my marriage apart piece by piece. My pattern of ungodly behavior had to stop. There was no question about it. God started showing me how to tame my tongue, and in order to succeed, I had to step out the box into a place that was foreign to me at the time.

Do not miss your season of breakthrough. Do not get stuck in your place of yesterday God says, "Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; you will not be aware of it. I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert" Isaiah 43:19(KJV).

As I continued to commune with God, he reminded me of the passage of scripture John 5:1-15. The story depicts an impotent man who stayed in his condition for 38 years. The only thing he did constantly was complain to Jesus. So instead of moving he remained in the box.

Do you want to me made whole? Do you want to be healed?

One solution that I received from God was to honor and revere my husband. So. now whenever my husband says something that I do not agree with, I respond instead of react. Reacting puts his defenses up and escalates things. Through prayer, God has empowered me. My husband and I both watch how we communicate to each other now.

Get out of the box What are your "buts" for not creating an atmosphere of unity? Whatever they are, it is hindering you. The waters are troubling and Jesus is here waiting for you. Move now and get out of the box.

As I plunged into the Word of God, I was able to get out of the box. I could not stay where I was because God was not there (Matthew 28:6). There was a greater plan and purpose. "Deep call unto the deep" (Psalms 42:7 KJV).

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Your setbacks are set ups for God to show out. Do not allow the circumstances in your marriage turn your heart into a pillar of salt.  This will eventually cause you to become complacent and comfortable.God has great things in store for you.

When you let go as I did, watch God move. Open your heart and let him heal you and make you whole. Listen for his voice as he calls you to get out of the box.

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