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Get creative: Functioning at your creative best

Posted Aug 27 2010 9:55am

The apparently whimsical and unpredictable nature of my own creativity often has me wondering just how to stimulate my productivity.

Is it possible to set up situations that optimize creativity, rather than relying on inspiration alone?

In her Guest Post on ProBlogger, Livia Blackburne, from A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing, writes about “How to Make Sure You’re Functioning At Your Creative Best”:

At a recent conference, Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson spoke on harnessing your brain state for optimum creativity.

Carson is an expert on creativity research and the author of Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life .

According to Carson, there are two creative brain states: the deliberate pathway and the spontaneous pathway.

The Deliberate Pathway

The deliberate pathway handles problem solving, planning, reasoning. You use this pathway when you’re actively focused on a problem or task. For those interested in brain anatomy, this pathway primarily uses the prefrontal cortex, the most frontal portion the brain.

The Spontaneous Pathway

The spontaneous pathway, on the other hand, comes into play during idea incubation, immersion, and free association. You’re in this brain state when you defocus your attention: when you’re sleeping, in the shower, in a boring meeting, etc. The spontaneous pathway uses posterior portions of the brain.

Continued in original post: How to Make Sure You’re Functioning At Your Creative Best

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