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George Vaillant on Meaning

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:15pm

Spiritual Evolution George Vaillant, MD, author of a number of books including Spiritual Evolution, notes in his Positive Psychology News Daily article, “If we are to find meaning in life, we must pay as much mind to our limbic ‘hearts’ as to our neocortical cognitions.

“Our positive emotions evoke thought-action tendencies in humans that broaden human attachment to others and to community service. From thence comes meaning and purpose.”

He adds, “Both cognition and emotion are important in creating meaning, but sometimes the limbic system is ignored in favor of the neocortex. We need to ask ourselves: Does the meaning in our life come from the development of limbic love and compassion or does meaning come from cognitive purpose, efficacy, values and self-worth?”

Continued in article: A Fresh Take on Meaning .

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