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Geocaching, Mexican Lasagna, Eye Brow clean-up

Posted Aug 21 2011 9:08pm

Hello.  Woof.  I am exhausted! This weekend was an awesome mix of go, go, go, RELAX, work, RUN, clean…eat.  Yup there ya go.  I ran 13-miles and felt SO GOOD!!! I was in love with today’s run.  I can’t figure out why but I was maintaining under 8:30 minute/miles and hardly breathing hard.  My legs were loving the run too! Can’t explain it but I WILL TAKE IT!! I needed that confidence boost more than the mileage.

Let’s go to some happiness!!!

#1.  Geocaching.  Okay someone explain why I didn’t know about this.  Basically it is like this never-ending activity where you use GPS to find caches.  It’s like this not-so-secret society!  They have user names and hide and find things!! SOOOOOO fun!!! Seriously.  Google it now.  Well, Seattle held a geocaching block party.  There were activities to complete all around the Fremont neighborhood.  It was such a BLAST!!! And all these geocachers were so nice!! So welcoming to a virgin like me.  One of the activities was to de-shell cocoa nibs at Theo’s Chocolate factory AND we got to eat them!!! YES.  Here are some highlights:

#2.  Mexican Lasagna.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t use recipes.  I get inspiration from blogs, magazines, cook books but rarely follow the recipes.  Last night I took lasagna noodles, black beans, salsa, cheddar cheese, kale (ended up be so good), spinach, nutritional yeast… I think that’s all.  Pop in the oven for 45 mins at 350.  Golden! It was so good!

#3.  Eye brow clean-up.  Every couple of months I look in the mirror and I simply can’t function until I get my eye brows shaped! Well that day was Friday.  I am really low-maintenance.  I get my hair cut once a year, I never get manicures (I bite my nails), I rarely get pedicures (rather pointless when running so many miles) but I will drop $20 for brows.  I feel so much better!

How was your weekend?  Did you play in the sun? I sure did!!  Do you know what geocaching is??  I want so more info!!


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