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Fundraising Events – Beautiful Fundraising Pages

Posted Sep 29 2010 5:25am

A good occasion, a good purpose and a good feeling – but not without a good fundraising page!

For your fundraising event to be successful it is crucial that you present it well! provides the page and offers a pre-generated title and a pre-generated text. But: That’s kind of boring and doesn’t say anything about your individual fundraising event!

Here is some advice that always works!

Start with an appealing title:
Choose a title which shows what the fundraising event is about!
„Anna’s fundraising event“ – nobody knows what it is about! This is better: „ Anat’s Birthday Gift Drive for HomeBase ” or „ Singing for change

Focus a target:
Choose a distinct donation target. Studies have shown, that a realistic goal can be very motivating! Make sure it is not too high, though!
Setting a target worked really well in this example: 1.000 Euro were the target, 1.061 Euro were collected in the fundraising event “ Buchmann mit Bart

A picture says more than 1000 words Choose a photo to personalize your fundraising event. It’s also important, that visitors of your page understand on first sight what your fundraising event is about . Your profile picture should show a picture of yourself.
A really nice picture is this one, for a birthday-fundraising “ Becky’s fundraising event

Becky_s fundraising event

Win your donors with good arguments Describe in a few sentences what your fundraising event is all about. Explain your motivation for potential donors: Why did you start a fundraising event? For whom are you collecting donations? What motivates you? What change do you want to make with your fundraising event?
Well written is this text of the fundraising event “ Rike & Jan “:

Dear friends

We are very much looking forward to partying with you on Saturday. Instead of that you bring something we would like to ask you to help us support people who are less privileged than most of us. The amount of your donation will not be visible to others but will just be added to the balance.

Please also browse through Maybe you will find additional projects that you might want to support.

Check out the projects and see you on Saturday night.

Rike & Jan

Well, did you listen to our advice?
Then your fundraising page is a page that the world should see! Show the page to all of your friends and spread the link via E-Mail, Facebook, twitter and Co.

Show us your fundraising page!
We are always curious about new fundraising ideas! Send us the link to your page on twitter @betterplace_org or post it to our facebook page !

Coming soon: How you can spread the word about your fundraising event!

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