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Frustration and habits

Posted Jul 09 2010 5:36am
So here I am... back from vacation... 62 days left until my birthday and.... I haven ‘t lost a friggin pound! I had lost 3 gained it back... lost 3 again..gained it back... If I had continued to keep losing another 3 instead of gaining back, I probably would have lost about 27 lbs this year!!! argh!
Now I am not complaining.. in fact, I am going to take a bunch of my own advice. First of all. ACCEPTANCE. This is where I am at. My weight is at the point it has been over and over for ...over a year. Okay. Next, ask myself: where do I go from here? Well, obviously doing what I’ve been doing isn’t working. So, STOP doing that!
Okay, then what to do? First of realize,,, I keep gaining it back because that is TRULY what I expect to happen. I don’t really expect to be able to lose the weight. So now, I need to figure out how to do just that. Another article I read.. about priorities. Is losing weight really my priority? Or is the next good time the focus? It seems to me when I really stop and look at it that instant gratification is my main priority. I only say that because when push comes to shove I take that over my long term commitment to best version of me possible every time! hmm... never looked at it that way before. Okay...So how do I change that? Good question! Here I can read all the books and complain about my weight, but when a good looking chocolate chip cookie is passed my way.. watch out! This, of course is due to habit. Habits are HUGE... It is a habit of mine when I go to the back room at work while a color is processing, to eat something. It is a habit to want a glass of wine when I get home from work... it is a habit to crave something sweet after a super healthy meal.
So many things are habits in our lives that we don’t even realize. Even anxiety. It is purely habit to react the way we do to things. When you can catch yourself and ask if something is fact or is usually fiction coming from our habitual response! So.. Now how do I break all these habits?? Good question... stay tuned!
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