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From my heart to your heart to hearts in need

Posted Dec 05 2009 12:00am

As many of you know -- I have started participating in the "One Word Challenge" over at Blog Carnival every other week. It's been a great opportunity to stretch my creative muscle as well as to meet some amazing people.

Blog Carnival came to me through the amazing Maureen at Writing Without Paper. Through Maureen I met other amazing people, Joyce over at Peaceful Legacies whose amazing photography and comforting words effortlessly lull me into peace of mind. And then there's Peter Pollock, who along with co-creator Bridget Chumbley , inspire me with Blog Carnival. Along with Katdish and Billy Coffey and a host of other bloggers who, in their own unique light, are making change for the better happen in our world, I am in awe of the majesty of the human spirit in flight.

Today, on Maureen's blog she shared a link to Billy and Katdish's latest inspiration -- The Ten Dollar Challenge.

I don't know about you, but sometimes (read that often) I feel the angst of having to buy that perfect something for that perfect someone who has the perfect everything. Do they really need another set of animal motif coffee mugs with handles shaped like giraffes and elephant trunks and chimpanzees hands? Do they really want more 'stuff'?

In my quest to find the perfect something for that perfect someone, I tire myself out, straining for originality in a world of mass produced conformity. Some years I've given gifts from my heart. Gifts I've created with my loving hands, inspired by my thoughts of that special someone. Those gifts meant a lot to me. In the giving I shared a bit of me. A special spot in my heart. But, what does it mean to that special someone? If my gift is red and blue and their decor is green and yellow, will my heartfelt expression of my love for them really fit in? Am I being selfish in expecting them to welcome my creation into their homes? Sometimes, I fear I am!

See what I mean? Creating that perfect gift for that perfect someone is almost as dicey as buying that perfect something.

Perfection is subjective and because the object is to get it right -- it has its limits.

So, this year, I'm joining in with Peter and Katdish and I'm going to participate in the Ten Dollar Challenge. My abundance shared generously could mean the difference between a child drinking fresh water in Africa and waking up to go to school tomorrow without scratching at the ubiquitous mosquito bites that would have pocked their body if I hadn't purchased that net to keep them safe during the night. My gift might mean a woman has food to feed her family. A father the tools to toil in the soils of the earth scratching a living out of God's bountiful soil.

Or, as I have done, my gift means the recipients of my Christmas giving receive the gift of giving to the charity of their choice -- now this is cool! If you're Canadian, it's awesome. Go to, Canada Helps and you can find out how you can gift a Charity Gift Card to those you love so that from your heart to their heart, hearts in need receive the gift of caring.

Click here to connect your Christmas giving wish to others. You will inspire, motivate and create a world of giving.

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