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Fresh As I Return

Posted Jan 23 2012 1:44am

First off I want to apologize for not being able to write to all my fans the last couple days  :(  . However I have some really exciting news, which I think will let you forgive me!

This weekend has seriously been one of the craziest times of my life. Lots of new things coming into my life, and with those events lots of stress.

As many of you know, this weekend I moved into my new home… well I rent, but none the less, a new home! If you’ve ever moved, you know how much stress comes along with it. Not only did I move though, I have one other new surprise. Before I tell you though, let me start my weekend adventure on Friday.


Well this is where it all began, with the actual move! Myself, Taylor and a good friend Steven rented a UHAUL truck to get everything out of the old apartment and bring it on over to Clermont. Well it wouldn’t of been too bad, except we lived on the second floor… Tip #1: Make sure you practice walking down stairs backwards before carrying a 200 lbs. dresser down them! Fortunately for me, Steven is a pro at walking down stairs backwards, like some sort of trained mover. We were able to get everything out and into the UHAUL within 2 hours, including a long list of heavy items.
Apartment Furniture

  • Two Queen Size Mattresses and Box Frames
  • Couch and Love Seat
  • Four Large Dressers (Thanks Taylor for owning the most heavy dresser in all the universe!)
  • T.V. Cabinet
  • Extremely Heavy and Slippery Glass Dining Room Table
  • All Kitchen Appliances
  • Miscellaneous Items

Apartment Kitchen
To say the least, it was a lot and with some help from Steven, we made it look like we had been doing it all our lives.

Next we had to make the trip over to Clermont, about a 40 minute drive from Orlando. Tip #2: Become a psychic so you can predict wether or not cars are on the side of your UHAUL truck, because you can’t see a thing! The mirrors on UHAUL trucks really need an overhaul themselves (no pun intended haha). Even with the troubles of seeing, we were able to make it out there. After a quick trip to Chick-fila with all three of us and my dog Sophie stuffed in the UHAUL cab, it was time for unload.

No stairs = Way Easier to Move!

P.S. – We forgot to go to the city office to turn on the water, soooo we still don’t have water, and haven’t all weekend  :(  .


Today was all about unpacking, and getting decorations up to make the home ours! Everything went pretty well, and I think we did a good job of getting everything set.

The house itself is awesome. All tile throughout the entire house, vaulted ceilings, two car garage and three bedrooms/two baths. I think pictures do a good job as a tour, so here you go:


New Kitchen


Dining Room

Dining Room

Living Room

Living Room

Kyle's Room

Taylor's Room

My Room

So remember how I told you I haven’t had water all weekend? Tip #3: Do not forget to turn on water at new home! If you forget like us, you end up taking a shower at a public park’s bathroom (thanks Waterfront Park for the showers haha), and brushing your teeth with a water bottle. Not necessarily prime conditions for either, especially considering there is no hot water at those showers, only 50 degree piercing ice water! Believe me, Taylor will be at the county’s front door tomorrow morning when they open to turn it on  :)


Last but not least, the end to a long weekend! Now for my surprise… I hope you didn’t cheat and look.

2012 Honda Fit Sport

A NEW 2012 HONDA FIT SPORT!!!!! That’s right everyone, I finally got rid of my old 1999 Honda Accord, and traded it in for a brand spanking new ride. This thing is amazing! Some of it’s features include, 35 mpg highway, lay-flat back sits (… perfect for fitting my tri bike in!), and a sport mode that allows you to use paddle shifters. More pictures to come, but for now I’m going for a ride!

Everyone have an awesome week!

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