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Foods I can Live Without Take 2

Posted Jan 27 2012 6:35am

Did you catch my post back in November about foods I can live without ?

Sometime this week, Sam and I got talking about being picky eaters and how we’re pretty open to eating most foods. Although we’re generally of the “I’ll try anything at least once” type, there are certain foods that we just can’t bring ourselves to try even once. Our lists vary quite a bit and it’s really interesting how our palates and preferences differ.

For me, it’s all about texture. If something has a slimy texture or an overly grainy one then I just can’t do it guys.

For him, it’s all about color and smell. He’ll never eat a stinky cheese simply cause it stinks and if something’s got a funny color then it’s a definite no-go.

After a bit of back and forth and throwing ideas out there I compiled a small list of foods that are just not okay in our books.

Let’s get to it shall we..

1. Bottled Salad Dressing

There’s something about salad dressing in a bottle the freaks me right out. I’m 100% an EVOO/Vinegar or EVOO/honey girl and regardless of how many brands I sample, I simply cannot do it. The creamier the dressing the more I despise it!


2. Spam

Neither of us has ever consumed Spam. To be perfectly honest, we’re not even really sure what it is or how you’re supposed to eat it…But, from what we do know, canned meat is just not okay. Not at all.


3. Organ meat(s):

Although it’s pretty well known that most organ meats are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and pack a pretty hefty number of antioxidants ( source ) there’s something incredibly disgusting about eating brain, kidneys, liver or heart. Now, I’m obviously being a total hypocrite since I frequently eat chicken, pork and beef but chicken breast cannot be compared to chicken liver in my books. It’s not even close, totally an apples and oranges scenario!


4. Duck Eggs

I can’t do it guys, I just can’t do it. Enough said.


5. Foie Gras

Most of my foodie friends snicker when I tell them that I refuse to eat or even sample Foie Gras. Apparently this is a delicacy and I’m missing out on a flavorful specialty that will somehow change my life forever.

According to Foie Gras, A farm Sanctuary Campaign ,

Foie gras, the French term for "fatty liver," is the product of extreme animal cruelty. It is the swollen, diseased liver of ducks and geese who are force-fed just up until the point of death before being slaughtered. Birds suffer tremendously, both during and after the force-feeding process, as their physical condition rapidly deteriorates. In just a few weeks, their livers swell up to ten times their normal size, and the birds can scarcely stand, walk, or even breathe. At this point, they are slaughtered, and their livers are peddled as a "gourmet" delicacy.


No thanks, not even interested in trying this once. I’ll totally take your word for it.

Are there any foods that you can’t bring yourself to try once? What tops your “foods you can live without list”?

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