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Fish Supplies Procedure and The Methods of Fish Fillet.

Posted Aug 20 2012 4:39am

Procedure To Attain a Valid Permit By a Fish Supplier

A fish supplier is the one who supplies fish to other places with valid permit for exporting the fish from one place to another place. Before exporting the fish the permit holder should get approval for exporting or importing the fish from Board of Animal Health of the concerned state. For this purpose the Board of Animal Health is operating a toll free telephone number to get the application for permit and get the permit. Each Application for the permit to export or import the fish should be enclosed with the following documents.

• A copy of valid Fish heath inspection report on the fish lot which is meant for exporting or importing.

• A certificate from the competent authority of state for aquatic animal health certifying that the sample of fish to be supplied has been sampled and examined for VHS negative according to norms.

Guidelines for Fish Suppliers to Supply Fish

• All the fish suppliers have to give warranty to the fish they are supplying .Some suppliers give warranty for live fish they deliver, but it is possible that the fish may die afterward due to stress or sickness.

• Each fish supplier should know whether the fish supply by them is raised by them or procured from others. So it is significant for the fish supplier to know the source of the fish they supplied.

• The fish supplier should also possess the information on the species and the size of the fish they are supplying. Some fish suppliers only sell or raise particular species or sizes of fish they are supplying.

Details of Fish Fillet

The fish fillet is nothing but the fish is cut into pieces and they are supplied from one place to another. While filleting the fish, the scales and the contents in the stomach of the fish should be removed. The fish fillets can be got by cutting them parallel to the spine. The remained bone with the flesh is called a frame and the frames are used to produce fish stock. The fish fillets do not include the backbone of the fish. Though the fillets provide less flesh they are easy to consume. The large blocks of the fish are taken and cut into fillets of a rhombus or tail shape. They may be with skin or skinless and the pin bones may be or may not be removed.

Different Ways of Cutting a Fish Fillet

There are numerous ways to cut a fish fillet. They are ,

• Cutlet fish fillet: Cutlet is acquired by cutting the fish at the back of the head, around the stomach and narrowing the tail-end. The fish is then spun and the process is repeated on the next side to make a double fillet.

• Single fish fillet: This method is more difficult than the cutlet. Two separate fillets are made and processed one from each side of the fish fillet.

• J- Cut fish fillet: The method of producing J-cut is same as that of single fillet . The only difference is the pin bones are removed from the fillet by cutting into J-shape from the fillet. More information about fish fillet by siamcanadian.

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