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Finding sunshine on a rainy day

Posted Nov 03 2011 1:50am

Image courtesy of childsheart via tumblr

I am having one of those days when I just feel sad and lonely for no real reason. I'm sure everyone has experienced them. You just feel heavy inside. I kind of felt that way this morning. I walked to work in the humid rain feeling disconnected from everything and just miserable. I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

Then external factors seem to compound it. An over-crowded train station, an un-attentive boss, a cranky workmate, a snide, unthoughtful word, a friend who is sad or suffering but you're stuck at work and can't do anything about it...

I'm determined to develop some coping mechanisms to pull myself out of the dark muck, shake myself off and get back to my normal happy self, because I do believe that they are self perpetuating to some degree. Happiness and connectedness takes practice and commitment but the pay-offs are amazing.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I am trying to use when I'm feeling a bit blue:

  • Make a cup (or even better, a pot) of tea and take 5 minutes away from your desk.
  • Make plans for a weekend craft project (I'm going to make a zafu meditation cushion!)
  • Make plans to look forward to during the weekend (I'm going to the monthly meditation and kirtan in North Sydney, having lunch with friends and celebrating another friend's birthday).
  • Stretch or go for a walk around the block or the building.
  • Listen to podcasts on spirituality or another subject of interest.
  • I sometimes watch a TED video in my lunch break (especially if it's a rainy day like today) and feel more in touch with the 'bigger picture.
  • Find some new inspirational people to follow on Twitter.
  • Just smile. It does amazing things like relieving stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts your immune system, releases pleasant endorphins and natural pain killers, plus it's super contagious!

How do you make yourself rise above these feelings and get your mo-jo back whilst being at work?

AH-HA! The stars strike again! As I was about to hit publish on this I receive an email from Daily Om:

"You may feel lonely and disconnected from your loved ones today. You might be separated by physical distance or simply feel an emotional chasm between you and those you love. One good way to ease your loneliness is to devote some time to loving and caring for yourself. You might first give some thought to the activities that would make you feel content and fulfilled today, and then go about meeting your needs."

Here are some of their tips for perking up a down day:

  • Write down your feelings in a journal (or a blog entry!)
  • Enjoy quiet time in a natural setting
  • Meditate
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