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Posted Dec 09 2008 5:33am

when I was in university,I have watched a chinese tv named "fendou"in chinese.In other words,it means fighting or put one's effort on career or take a breath and carry on life when confornt a diffcult.

This tv is about the process of teenager to find their career after graduate from school. It's reflect the hard time in every teenager when they first step in society.

At the end of the tv, one of those teenager was succeed who became a so-called richman, so he bought a building named after their grown up process "wutubang"which means day-dream,can not realize in real life.

when I fist watched this tv,I did not have anythinking on this point.Just enjoyed the tv without any farmore thinking.

but after work in the firm,after I feel unhappy,after I wanted to chang my job,after I have the think to prusuit my dream,after I learned that life is not so easy for anyone,I begin to realize the meaning of the tv.I begin to know what the tv want to say,I begin to enjoy the meaning of the tv,and to taste many kinds of favor which the tv offer.

The tv want to tell us ,tell teenager that everyone have a dream,any youngman want to prusuit,want to seek their dream ,want to own the realism life, but "wutuobang"is "wutuobang",after the process not everyone can get to the dream place.


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