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Feeling Lighter Yet? {Special Offer}

Posted May 18 2011 4:30pm

Or wanting to?

You know my gig... I'm all about the kickbutt combination of health, intuition, and coaching. But I'll tell you what, over the past year, I've purposely cultivated my spiritual connection, and really integrated it more seamlessly into my personal and professional life. This has made such an incredible difference.

As much as I rely on my intuition to guide me through the day, I get wound up like everybody else, and sometimes even moreso given my sensitivity to energy and the intensity of life these days. To have experienced the change within myself and clients with spirituality, has been so helpful, so moving.

From fear to faith, worry to trust, anxious to calm, unsure to knowing. Talk about amplifying your intuition!What a different way to be and experience life. It's why I was inspired to write the Tune In to Your Spiritual Channel series and created You 2.0 . It's also why I'm offering you this special, read on...

{Special Offer}

From now until June 15th, you can try out one month of the You 2.0 program for $97. The way I had it set up before, it was $1000 for the whole year. That included a personalized ebook documenting your journey, an intro packet covering what we'll do in the program, adventure assignments, bi-weekly sessions, and much more. A total steal at that cost, and much less than it would cost to work with me 1 on 1 in other ways.

Now, not only do you have the option to try it out until June 15th at $97 for the month, you can also choose to pay month by month at the rate of $197 (still less to pay $1000 for the year).

This is a program for those that are truly ready to change, become more engaged with spirituality, and learn how to use spirituality in very practical ways for your daily living. There is an application process to work with me in this way. Please do not send any payments until you have applied and heard back from me!

Here is the original post for You 2.0 and I've put the application questions below. Fill it out and email to me at with the subject line "Me 2.0." Looking forward to hearing from you.


You 2.0 - Application

✿ What are you passionate about? What's your lightwork (as in your calling, what you feel compelled to share, what's in your blood to do)? Not sure yet? No problem. Just tell me what you like best about yourself and your life.

✿ What would you like to change about your life? What have you done so far to change it?

✿ What draws you to want to do You 2.0? What are your expectations, in what ways do you expect your life to be different as a result?

✿ What would you like to see happen in the world? What issues are you passionate about?

✿ Share 1 experience where you followed your intuition and 1 experience when you didn't.

✿ Give me a snapshot of a typical day for you, include what you eat.

✿ If you'd like to be considered for the donation, trade, or FREE spots, tell me why. What would you donate or trade for it? Be creative!


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