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Feeling Better - working yourself out of the dumps Pt. 3

Posted Sep 16 2008 4:38am

Want to feel better? Especially when you have one of those days?

I still have them on a fairly regular basis (not nearly as often as I used to though). I guess they come with the territory when I insist on not playing things safe all the time…

So I have plenty of first-hand experience with working my way out of the dumps — and I’m happy to say that I’m MUCH better at it than I used to be. I get out of the hole so much faster, and I remember much more quickly that yes, I can do something about that, and then do it.

So if I supply you with self-help info, it’s because I have tested all those things myself. Obviously, as always, your mileage may vary, but there’s enough of a range that some of the tools should help. Just find your favorites… and/or add them to the ones you’re already using.

I also want to add, that these are not necessarily solutions to the problem that causes the stress. That will still need to be dealt with. However, it is much easier to deal with problems and challenges when one is not in the middle of a panic attack, so these tips along with any future ones are meant to help put you in a better frame of mind — so you will be able to achieve what you want to achieve much more effectively.

There’s also the issue of the Law of Attraction, another reason why it’s important not to wallow in misery lest you draw even more of it.

Here are a few easy and obvious techniques to start with (though there will be much fancier ones in upcoming parts of this series — as well as in my newsletter):

1. Chocolate. ;-) (I’m serious. It seems to trigger endorphins in the brain. Just be sure not to OD.)

2. A walk in the park (or on the beach, or anywhere else, preferably outdoors, that you enjoy)

3. A hug. If nobody suitable is nearby, try a phonecall with a friend.

4. A movie that makes you happy and/or laugh, preferably both. A few years back, when I went through chemo and got quite depressed at times, I prescribed myself a happy movie a day. It made a HUGE difference.

5. A first aid kit containing a collection of favorite comics, cartoons, and jokes

6. A good meal, preferably with a friend. But even a good solo meal can make you feel better (try fresh flowers for company). Consider having your favorite comfort food. That’s why they call it comfort food! Just see above.

7. Hot chocolate. Marshmallows or whipped cream optional

8. A hot bath or even a shower

9. A nap

10. Pet a cat (or dog, or bunny rabbit, etc.)

Okay, those were some of the basic ones. I’ve got lots more where these came from. In fact, I’m working on an ebook on the topic, and it’s getting closer to completion. But that doesn’t mean I won’t tell you more tips and techniques.

Look for Pt. 4 very soon, with a number of much fancier tools you may or may not have heard of.

Have a great day!

P.S.: For a much more elaborate technique for working yourself out of the dumps one step at a time see Pt. 1 and 2 of the series (just click on Abraham-Hicks in the categories list on the right and scroll down a bit. You can also find them under A Happier Life, but you’ll have to scroll all the way down AND go to “previous entries,” and then they’ll be near the bottom of the new page.

P.P.S.: For more out-of-the-dumps info, sign up for my newsletter, which features more detailed descriptions of some of my favorite techniques on reducing stress and on raising your vibration.

P.P.P.S.: Please note that these tips are not intended to replace therapy or proper medical attention if that is what you might need. They will make a nice supplement though even in that case.

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