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Fastest Way To Level From Lvl 85 To lvl 90 In World of Warcraft MOP 2012

Posted Oct 20 2012 7:41am

In World of Warcraft,leveling quickly takes a lot of planning and wow gold and there are several things you can do to speed it up. In Mists of Pandaria, the hottest topic recently being talk about is "How to level up fast to lvl90 in MoP?" or "What's the fastest way to level from 85 to 90 in Mists Of Pandaria?" To let players get the best anwers,here are just a few guides telling about the fastest way to level from lvl 85 to lvl 90 in world of warcraft mop 2012.

Dailys quest from FL/TB will bring you almost to 86 the quests from instances will bring you half way to 87. The instance grind to 88 quest solo in zones because everyone is else where boom it happened.

Join a guild that is at least level 6 and has the level 2 Fast Track guild perk, assuming you are not in one already.This grants you 10% more experience and will help level faster.

Log out in an Inn. Make sure you log out at an inn for that extra rested experience any time you can get more Safe Wow gold.  It is something that can speed you up significantly and is completely free.

Make sure you keep lots of back space for items. Not having to travel back and forth to towns before you are ready can save a lot of time.  Put your off-spec and PVP sets in the back while leveling and sell anything you don’t need whenever you are in town getting new quests so that you don’t have to come back before your next set of quests are done.

Try to stay behind the curve while leveling. This is talked about a little bit in the zone section above.If an area is really crowded and you can not get the kills or items you need to complete quests, try to get ahead of the group in the zone, or move to another zone.  Being held up is inevitable for the first few weeks of an expansion but try to limit it as much as you can by looking for other areas that have lower player populations.

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