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Posted Nov 10 2009 11:38am

This time of year is dismal.  All the kids come home wanting food.  All the while criticizing everything that I do. Not my sons, just my two ungratefull, spoiled, daughters. My younger daughter is graduating from University of Hawaii this spring. I can't say that I'm proud of who she has become. Snotty,materialistic,and well just plane mean... but I guess I should be grateful that she is graduating. Whew! That cost a fortune. And she still can't put two kind words together for me.

My other daughter, she's a piece of work. She is in and out of being a meth, cocaine  addict. She went almost two years clean and sober but now she's stripping (oh...I mean dancing) around a pole in some club she can't tell me the name of. She use to want to be a nun when she was a little girl. But I guess dancing was more lucrative. Problem is. She can't dance. She has no rythym.  I never told her that growing up, because I thought it would hurt her self esteem. I should have told her. We also shouldn't have gotten her braces. Maybe if she were buckteethed she'd be in another line of business.

My polite chaos doesn't compute with my mind and body, therefore I am anxiety ridden.

My sons however, are both loving and respectful human beings that I am proud to call my sons. They don't like drama in their lives anymore than I or my husband do. They are 17 and 19 yrs old. One in his senior year of highschool and the other took a job for  my husband. Now he's thinking about college.  Each of them is clever in their own way. Both have a fantastic sense of humor.

I love my sons deeply. And I like them to. To tell you the truth, I'm proud just walking through the grocery store with them.

Enough for today, housework you know. Ciao!

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