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Exposed in Chaos: My Latest Nude

Posted Apr 16 2010 11:53am
Exposed in Chaos
36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media

This piece is the second in a series of paintings I'm creating called "Nudes in Chaos."

There are three layers of chaos in each piece that represent an emotional terrain
(1) a personal dark, shadowy place filled with mysterious shapes like lost memories;

(2) the vibrant, crazy, exciting external world; and

(3) the black and white pockets of close-mindedness on top blocking, overshadowing, trying to blot it out, and getting in the way.

The women don't have perfectly formed bodies. (Who does?) I like the idea of things being a little off, yet still interesting and beautiful in the midst of all that chaos. I like that there is unrest yet it all feels right, if not in the moment ... the more you consider it. For me this best reflects life and the human condition. As I move forward, this "Nudes in Chaos" idea, as well as my technique, will evolve so things will likely be altered with each piece.

This piece portrays a woman exposed in chaos. She stands in a bit of an awkward pose as if she has no where to turn. She doesn't quite know what to do with her arms. She lacks the ability to shield herself as she has no hands. Her lack of hands represent wounds or missing pieces of herself.

So I wonder, Is she exposed because she is wounded or because she is naked?

Detail Pics:

To view more of my art and to see Lost in Chaos, visit my site .
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