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Ego is a Dirty Word

Posted Aug 08 2012 6:00pm

I have recently become a yoga enthusiast. I look forward to my Thursday night yoga session, I know I will relax my body, stretch out all my muscles, have a good workout and return to my daily life with a bit more relaxation and ease, and I’m always ensured a good nights rest afterwards – sometimes my favourite part.

At first the only benefits I received were physical but after practicing for 4 months now I have begun focusing on some of the more beneficial aspects of the mind. Say the ability to calm my body and release tension in an everyday situation – especially in my shoulders and face.

A recently found hidden gem from yoga has been the ability to have greater awareness of my ego. In my yoga practice my teacher always reminds us when practicing to silence the ego. When in different poses you don’t focus on if your legs are parallel to the floor yet or not it’s just becoming aware of where your body is in that moment and respect your limitations. For someone that always tries to improve, improve, and improve a week when my body isn’t performing at its peak can be met with harsh regards.

However yoga has taught me the importance to respect my bodies limitations and don’t let my ego get in the way. Not only has this message helped me in my yoga practice but it has also flowed through to my everyday life.

Instead of berating myself that I can’t fluently speak Japanese at the moment (a language I am currently studying at university) or that I’m not the best at it, I’ve begun changing my thinking and attitude and realising that just because I’m not the best at the moment doesn’t mean I won’t continue improving.

It is important not to focus on where you should be at that moment, but instead accepting your limitations and continuing to learn and improve from them and more importantly grow.

“Just because I’m not able to do it today doesn’t mean I won’t be able to someday.” – Dr. Frank Lipman

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