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EFT World Summit 2 — FREE EFT Tappings & Info

Posted Feb 24 2010 12:00am

The second EFT World Summit is happening right now.

And you can attend for FREE! No catch, other than that you have to be there and make sure you catch the audios within the 24 hours they are up. Where? Click here for EFT

What if you can’t make it or want to listen to them again?

They DO make a package available where you can get access to the audios (or even hard copies) of all the 20 programs that are part of this.

And believe me, these audios rock! I’ve listened to every one so far (6 in all).

I thought I knew a ton about EFT (and I DO), but I learned a LOT of new stuff just in those last 3 days. So you can bet I’ll be listening to the other 14 audios too (2 a day).

So what IS EFT and why do I like it so much?

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom TEchnique. And it’s exactly what the name says. By basically tapping on certain parts of your body (mostly face and hands, collar bone, and, well, under your arm pit) you can tame and release emotional trauma and distressing feelings.

It’s absolutely incredible. When I first read about it, I immediately wanted access to it, but I thought I had to find a high-priced practitioner to benefit from it. Still, Emotional Freedom technique sounded really good to me.

Imagine my happy surprise when I discovered I could learn to do this myself. It has literally changed my life. In my stress relief manual , EFT is taking up more pages than any of the other techniques. It’s this important.

The key is to remember to do it. Sometimes I get stressed about something and it takes me a few hours until I remember that, hey, wait a minute, why not tap on it. And so I do, and I feel calmer within minutes.

So for anyone who isn’t familiar with it yet, just go to the EFT World Summit site and check it out. Or get my FREE stress tips report and send me an email, and I’ll send you the link to my free ebook on EFT later tonight ;-)

Meanwhile, run, don’t walk to the World Summit so you won’t miss the two programs that are still running until 8 EST (one on business success and one on public speaking!).

I’ll write another post tonight, about EFT, how I use it and how it has helped me and my students and friends.

See you at the summit!

tap tap tap ;-)

Elisabeth Kuhn

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