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EFT & Law of Attraction! Tonight on EFT World Summit 2

Posted Feb 25 2010 12:00am

Wow! The EFT Word Summit is getting better and better each night.

Today, we have two new amazing programs. Right now, I’m listening to Patricia Carrington talk about tapping in positive memories and feelings to make the Law of Attraction work a LOT better.

This is especially useful during times of stress and distress about the issue at hand.

She says, it’s important to take snapshots of when good things are happening and you have positive feelings about the issue, i.e., money, and then tap it in, saying “I want more of this positive feeling”

Makes sense to me. I’m tapping ;-)

And then there’s Rick Wilkes who will talk about Childhood trauma.

Those will be up till 8 p.m. tonight, Thursday, EST, and after that…

Woohoo. Brad Yates, whose work I love, and someone else whose work I will probably love by the time I’m done listening to her program!

Don’t miss this.

This summit totally rocks:

And yes, these audios are all FREE to o listen to, like I said before.

But what if you want to listen to them again? Well.. you can, but then you’ll have to pay, though considering the value it’s really worth it.

You’ve got the choice between a downloadable version, whcih comes to about 5 bucks per expert and a physical version, which will be 10 bucks per.

Go there now and listen in… You’ll like it.

Tap tap tap



In accordance to the new FTC rules, I have to tell you that I will get a commission if you get those if you go there through my link…

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