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Door to Door Organics

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:48pm

I have been looking to join a co-op for the past year or so and despite all my research and attempts, it just was not feasible near my house.  Either their schedules did not fit mine, the cost was too high or the bounty too much for a 2 person household.  I do not even remember how or why I decided to take my search out to the Internet to find something similar to a co-op, but I did.  There seem to be many farms that form a semi-coop and delivery to customers out in California, but it was a bit less common here on the East Coast.

Until I found Door-to-Door Organics. There website was fabulous, very detailed and user friendly.  I looked at the prices and the selection and decided this was something that I would like to try out.  I went back and forth between the Small Box and the Medium Box.  I finally decided for the first week that I would opt for the small box.

Here is what the sample menu for the Small Box looks like on their website:


All of this for $39.00 and that $39 includes delivery!!!  Living in the DC area means that you are set up for a Wednesday delivery.  On the Friday before your scheduled delivery, you get an email listing what will be contained in your box and you are able to substitute items.  This ability to substitute really sealed the deal for me.  I was sold!

At around 10:30AM on the Friday before my scheduled delivery, I got an email letting me know that I could go on their website and place, change, make substitutions for items, or delete orders between 2pm on Friday until noon on Sunday.

I ended up switching a few things around.  I switched the Yukon potatoes for red skin potatoes.  I got cucumbers instead of dandelion greens.  I added an avocado instead of the collard greens.  And finally, I switched out the plums and got cherries.

You also have the ability to pay and add items to your box.  I wanted more lettuce, so I added a butter lettuce (additional $2.09).  I also bought some spicy sprouts ($1.29), 3 peaches ($0.99 each) and a pound of red seedless grapes ($3.49).

Order placed.  Now I just needed to wait for the delivery.

I did not know what to expect on Wednesday.  All I knew was that I was REALLY excited for this delivery.  We did not go grocery shopping this week because of all the leftovers from the party and Justin only spent on night at home all week–Monday.  And neither of us will be home this weekend.  So to put it mildly, the cupboard was BARE by Wednesday and I was desperate from some fresh greens!

The box had not arrived when I got home, so I got a little worried.  By around 6, it still wasn’t home, so I emailed the company worried that I had done something wrong when placing my order.  Then at about 7:30 I got a phone call from a guy from Door to Door Organics saying he was having some difficulty finding our house.  We go through this all the time, because our house is so new, it doesn’t show up in most people’s GPS system.  Very annoying!  After chatting with him (he was VERY nice and not annoyed at all that it was 7:30 at night and he was lost), he showed up within about 10 minutes.  Handed me a box and he was on his way. For some reason, I don’t think I expected the box to be hand delivered, but I was so thrilled that it was.


The contents:


When I opened it, I was almost overwhelmed.  Peering In:


All the smaller items (grapes, cherries, peaches) were packed separately and placed on top.  Then there was a cardboard egg carton of sorts separating the top of the box from the bottom.  In the bottom of the box was an ice pack.

I was so excited taking everything out.  All the products looked and smelled amazing!  The peaches weren’t quite ripe, which made me happy knowing I can have them next week!

Everything taken out:


I got busy washing everything and then put it all away (snacked on a few cherries and grapes)


Now I have to hope everything last until Monday.  Glad I own the Green bags to help keep everything fresh until next week.

So for around $45, I got a TON of fresh, organic food from Door to Door Organics.  I am really excited.  I will let you know how it all taste, but as of now, I will be a repeat customer!

If you order through Door to Door organics… Let me Know!!


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