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Don't Neglect Your Eyelashes

Posted Apr 01 2009 11:56pm

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am an eyelash fanatic. It is very rare to see me without curled and separated eyelashes and a good coat of mascara. I can be tough on my eyelashes, which almost always leaves me with a couple eyelashes that are in mid-growth after being broken or pulled out. Just recently I began thinking about how there may soon come a time when my eyelashes may not grow back like I' m used to them doing. I know--these are pretty big worries.

Eyelash2-1 My philosophy is that prevention is the best medicine, and it' s never too early to prevent eyelash-fallout. The key to caring for your eyelashes is keeping them moisturized. Just like your hair, if your eyelashes become dry and brittle, they' ll break off. You can purchase eyelash conditioner products at your local drugstore, but Vaseline and olive oil will work just as well.


Apply a thin coat of Vaseline on your eyelashes with a Q-tip or cotton ball before bed and gentle remove in the morning before you apply your makeup. This will moisturize and protect your eyelashes while you sleep. You can also do an eyelash treatment two to three times a week with olive oil. Apply with a cotton ball and gently rub it into your eyelashes. Leave it on for a few minutes and wipe off.

Try to keep the olive oil and the Vaseline out of your eyes or things will be a little blurry for awhile. But moisturizing your lashes daily, like you would your face, is a key to strengthening your lashes.


Some dermatologists recommend that you take a water-soluble vitamin supplement called biotin to combat hair loss and acne, but no scientific studies that I know of have ever proven the supplement' s effectiveness. Overall, you' ll achieve healthier skin, hair and nails if you maintain a good diet and take your vitamins daily. So make sure that you' re putting the good stuff into your body to keep the outside looking its best.

Makeup Removal  

Eyelashcurler-1 I am so guilty of hurriedly scrubbing my makeup off at night before bed, and this is a big eyelash no-no. If you can, use a non-waterproof mascara and a good quality eye makeup remover. Combine those two products with gentle rubbing motions as you remove your eye makeup, and your lashes will thank you.

And one more tip--please, please, do not curl your eyelashes after you apply mascara. That is an eyelash catastrophe waiting to happen. It is recommended that you don' t curl your eyelashes everyday, but if you can, take a couple days out of the week and curl only the tips.

Kate Sig

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