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Don't Forget

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm
Forgiving is not about forgetting the old story. It's about giving a chance to write a new story - Quote from the book “Cinderella on the Couch”, by Chris Linnares.Most recently I came to the tough realization that I was still holding on to some past hurt from my childhood. Heck, I am 41 years old, but there was a part of me that was still hurting over things said to me when I was a young child and a teenager. Reliving those past memories not only hurt, but I began to feel powerless all over again, which resulted in anger. Here is some food for thought; holding on to anger or resentment from past hurts only holds us back and prevents us from fully moving forward. Think about it, how can we truly move forward if part of us is still sitting smack dab in the middle of a past hurt? In order to fully move forward, to be a part of my own here and now, I decided to “write a new story”. I have not forgotten the things that hurt, but instead I asked myself the following question, “What did I learn and what positives did I take away from this situation?”Focusing on what I learned and the positives not only helped me to shift my energy from negative to positive, but I regained my personal power. I am no longer that little girl or that teenager who felt small and insignificant. I can now embrace the me that I am right now; a woman who is not a quitter and who is willing to fight for what's most important to her.So let me ask you this, how will you write your story? What's one thing you wish to “unhook” from emotionally, one thing from your past that causes you pain? I wish to encourage to think of ways to write a new story so that pain is no longer drawing you back. Think of the things (at least one thing) you gained from the experience. It could be that you learned how you don't wish to be or how you don't ever wish to treat another person. It could be that you gained strength from the experience. Believe it or not, out of all bad/painful experiences there is some good to be had. Here's to not forgetting, but forgiving and letting go.
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