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Do you love your body?

Posted Dec 27 2009 10:05pm
By Mary K

bodytypesxDo you know who you REALLY are?? You are a beautiful, perfect, infinite Being and any story that expresses less than that is the real ‘lie’!

So start telling the story of who you really are!!!

Start telling a story that feels more downstream to you. And how do you know what’s downstream and what’s upstream? You can tell by the pressure against you. In other words…

tell the story of your successes, tell the story of your strengths, tell the story of your beauty, tell the story of your caring, tell the story of your passions, tell the story of how wonderfully your body functions, tell the story of health… find the story that feels better to you and get off your own back because guess what…

The Universe will ALWAYS back up your story!!!

So if you can’t look at your current body now and LOVE IT then look at your past or future body and LOVE IT or look at something else all together different that you do LOVE and your body will get up to speed.

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