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Do You Let Negative Thoughts Rule Your Life

Posted Dec 14 2008 10:08pm


Okay, that’s what I thought.   I've been gone the last couple of months volunteering as watch stander aboard the Training Ship State of Maine, the cadet training ship for my alma mater Maine Maritime Academy.  In other words,I trained students to become deck officers in the merchant marine.  After two months I was ready to get home, so I did as I always do and visualized the experience I expected to have flying home.  No long lines.  Flights on time.  No lost luggage.  Well, you get the picture.

On the Bridge of the Training Ship State of Maine The trip to the airport was uneventful, but I had already prepared myself to be angry for having to pay for my bags.   You see the airline had emailed me saying that my second bag would cost me money.   I already had a response prepared for when they asked for more money.   I put both bags on the scale. They both hovered around 49 lbs so I got in under the wire on baggage weight.  Now was the time when they'll ask for money.   I was ready.  But she just passed me my ticket and said have a nice trip.  Hey! Wait a minute, ask me for money! I have a lot of emotional time invested on being upset for the injustice of paying for the second bag!  All a waste of time. I could have spent that time doing something fun.

I noticed that my seats had changed for the second leg - the 5 hour leg - of my journey.  No aisle seat for me - now I was in the middle.  Oh the injustice!  I bought my ticket 3 months ago for an aisle seat and they gave me a middle seat.  They explained the flight was overbooked and they had changed the plane at the last minute.  There was nothing they could do.  Externally, I was polite - it wasn't the fault of the airline people behind the counter.  Internally I was furious, so my inner self started working negatively.  Hey, what about this intention I made?  This law of attraction mumbo jumbo doesn't work and I now have proof.  The heck with Law of Attraction Simplified.  There was nothing simple about this!

On the flight to Newark I internally preparing myself to give the airline representative a piece of my mind.  Hey, you've had my money for 3 months and this is what I get.  It’s no wonder everyone hates you guys. My inner self was working overtime putting me into a frenzy.  Well, the airline representative had an attitude to match my attitude so I didn't get very far.  The flight was really overbooked and they were even asking for volunteers to give up their seats.  So my inner self started saying, so much for this law of attraction stuff.  So it’s worked a couple times in the past but this is proof this LOA stuff just doesn't work.  That’s what my inner self was telling me and I was starting to believe it.   I went back in time for a few minutes and visualized some of my previous law of attraction accomplishments.  Sure they worked, but that was then and this is now.

I'm sitting in Newark airport watching the people go by when I get a call from the airline representative.  My inner self started thinking the worst. So I go up to the desk and the representative said they had changed my seat.  Oh great, probably a middle seat further back in the plane.  She said that a family needed two seats together.  Great, my inner self said, what am I, a pawn in a chess game?  So she gave me my new seat up front and on an aisle.  Hey, my inner self said, hey, this is not fair - I have too much time spent being mad.  You can't give me this great seat now, and beside this might prove that the law of attraction works.

Sorry, Law of Attraction.  I guess you were testing me.  How many of you people allow your negative inner self to dictate your feelings and emotions?  How many of you waste way too many hours of your life preparing for the bad things that just might come up?  Start spending your time on something more productive.  Don't give up on the LOA.

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