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Dirty car art and letting go!

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:00pm

If you like art, you might want to check out Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art! Really... it is amazing what this guy can do with a dirty car window! He's got some talent. Scott travels on a mile and a half of dirt road to get to his house, so his car gets rather dirty on a regular basis. Instead of seeing this as a nuisance or a pain in the butt as many of us would, Scott saw an opportunity - an opportunity to turn messy dirt into beautiful art! Imagine driving behind a car that looked like this - wouldn't it make you smile?

I think Scot's art is a great example of two concepts - turning a negative into a positive (making lemonade out of lemons) and non attachment. Scott actually finds enjoyment as he watches the rain or morning dew degrade his works of art. He is not attached to his work. He doesn't try to hold on to the creation and allow the natural process to unfold.

This reminds me of the Tibetan sand mandala - which I had the distinct honor and privilege to witness several years ago. In a fascinating and moving ceremony that lasts several days, the Tibetan monks create an incredibly beautiful and intricate sand mandala. It is an amazing process to watch. It was hard for my mind to grasp the intense focus and dedication they demonstrated to complete this exquisite mandala. It took an amazing amount of skill and patience to create such detailed art with the tiny little colored grains of sand.

After the mandala is complete, the monks dismantle the sand art in a ceremony of powerful music, chanting, and dancing. The energy of this ceremony is palpable - it actually moved me to tears. They distribute some of the sand to those who are present (as a blessing for health and healing) and then take the rest of the sand to a nearby body of water to carry the blessings to the world. This dismantling of their beautiful work of art is a metaphor for the impermanence of life and the importance of non attachment.

When I watched this ceremony years ago I thought about how far I had to go with this concept of non attachment... I couldn't imagine spending hours upon hours working on a masterpiece only to dismantle it when I was finished! Geesh! What a great lesson!

I have made great headway with this concept over the years, but seeing Scott Wade's dirty car art made me realize once again that this is a lesson to keep working on. I felt that familiar pang of desire to hold on to something - once again I found myself thinking that it would be hard for me to work so hard on a work of art just to watch the rain take it away - and, yet Scott actually enjoys that process! A great reminder to let go and flow with the process of life - everything changes and peace of mind comes from accepting - even reveling in - this concept.

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