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Developing creativity: Orna Ross on meditation

Posted May 27 2010 3:00pm

I’ve always thought of meditation as something I have to do on the floor with my legs crossed, which is just too darn uncomfortable. In fact, I’ve experienced meditative states all my life and didn’t know it.

Orna Ross writes in her ebook Inspiration Meditation:

Towards the end of my first novel, Lovers Hollow, the narrator Jo Devereux has an unexpected meditative experience.

By this stage in the story, Jo has been through a lot: the death of her mother and her best friend, a rekindled love affair with a married old flame; a reluctant return to the small Irish village she fled twenty years before. She is full of misery and confusion, so much so that another part of her mind interjects.

“Stop it, I order myself. Stop thinking. Pull yourself out of your head down into your body, the body that can’t be in tomorrow or yesterday but only here, where it is. Feel the sun on your eyes and the breeze on your skin.”

We give the same word – meditation – to both the meditative state (“I am melting into the water and all the world”; “Deep joy surges in me” ) and the practices that take us there (“Stop thinking”; “Feel the sun on your eyes and the breeze on your skin”; “Pull yourself out of your head down into your body”).

Even if you’ve never formally practiced meditation, you are likely to have experienced the meditative state – perhaps, like Jo, when walking in nature, or during sex. Perhaps when relaxing in the bath or when looking into the eyes of a child. Perhaps even in the midst of a busy crowd.

Moments when the thought traffic that ordinarily stomps through your head ceases and your mind falls into stillness, into mindful being.

Those whose lives are most creative, in most spheres, are those who are courageous enough to bring their conscious awareness to the challenging, miraculous, moment-by-moment art of living.


For more on how to develop conscious awareness, get the free ebook Inspiration Meditation: A Guide For Writers, Artists & Everyone, by Orna Ross, available from her site

For more on how to ‘do’ meditation and its value for thinkers and creators, see Meditation and mindfulness articles and Meditation products


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